Cable Products

Premium materials and laminates for the cable industry, tailored for precision and performance.

Cable Products

Tailored to precision

In the dynamic and ever-evolving cable industry, the need for reliable and high-quality materials is paramount. At Multifoil Ltd, we are proud to supply a diverse range of materials and laminates specifically tailored for the manufacturing of telecommunications, power, and optical fibre cables. Our approach goes beyond just providing products; we focus on delivering solutions that perfectly align with the intricate needs of cable manufacturing.

One of our key strengths lies in our ability to precisely slit materials to any desired width, accommodating both pads and spools. This flexibility ensures that our clients receive products that are not only of high quality but also perfectly suited to their specific manufacturing processes.

Our Standard Stocks

Aluminium/Polyester Laminates

We offer a comprehensive range of aluminium/polyester laminates. These include multiple combinations of thicknesses, such as 0.009mm/0.012mm, 0.012mm/0.012mm, up to 0.050mm/0.012mm, as well as variants with a 0.023mm polyester layer. This range is designed to provide optimal performance in a variety of cable applications.


Our aluminium/copolymer options cater to more robust needs, with aluminium foil thicknesses ranging from 0.060mm to 0.300mm. These are laminated to a 0.045mm PE Copolymer, available on one or both sides, designed for enhanced durability and functionality. The internal diameters (I/D) options include 102, 120, or 150mm, with outer diameters (O/D) spanning from 1050 meters to 4100 meters.

Polyester Options

For applications requiring polyester, we stock materials at thicknesses of 0.023mm and 0.050mm, ensuring versatility and adaptability for various cable manufacturing requirements.


Our aluminium/paper combination, specifically the 0.012mm/0.090mm perforated option, offers a unique solution, combining the strength of aluminium with the flexibility of paper.

Pure Aluminium Stocks

Additionally, we maintain a supply of pure aluminium stocks, catering to traditional and straightforward cable manufacturing needs.

We understand the critical role materials play in the cable industry. Our commitment to quality, combined with our ability to provide tailored solutions, makes us a preferred partner for cable manufacturers. Whether it’s a standard stock item or a customised requirement, our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible product for your specific cable manufacturing needs.

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