Hairdressing Products

Elevate your salon experience with our premium hairdressing products, meticulously crafted for precision and creativity.

Hairdressing Products

Tailored for excellence

In the vibrant world of hairdressing, where precision and quality are paramount, Multifoil Ltd stands as a trusted supplier of premium hairdressing products. Our range is meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of salons, offering both performance and versatility.

At Multifoil Ltd, we understand that the right tools can make a significant difference in the salon experience. Our hairdressing products are designed with a focus on precision and performance, ensuring that stylists can create stunning results with ease.

Hairdressing Foil - Hilite 500

Our Hairdressing Foil Products

Hilite Rolls (Premium or Economy)

Our Hilite Rolls come in various options, allowing salons to choose between Premium and Economy grades. The Hilite Rolls range includes:

  • Hilite 1000
  • Hilite 500
  • Hilite 250
  • Hilite 100

These rolls are available in widths of 96mm or 120mm, providing flexibility to suit different highlighting techniques.

Hilite Sheets (Premium or Economy)

For those preferring sheets, our Hilite Sheets are available in both Premium and Economy grades. The range includes:

  • Hilo Large (225 x 96mm)
  • Hilo Small (125 x 96mm)

Similar to the rolls, these sheets come in widths of 96mm or 120mm, catering to various styling needs.

Customisation Options

Recognizing that every salon has unique requirements, our hairdressing products can be customised to meet specific preferences. Whether it’s different sizes, centres, or widths, we can accommodate a range of customisation requests. Additionally, our products can be produced in various colours to add a creative touch to salon styling.

Let us tailor to your needs

Multifoil Ltd takes pride in being more than just a supplier; we are your partner in elevating the salon experience. If you have specific requirements or need customised hairdressing products, our team is ready to assist. Let us know your needs, and we’ll work to provide solutions that enhance your styling capabilities.

Discover the difference that premium hairdressing products can make – choose Multifoil Ltd for excellence in every detail.

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